National Governors Association’s State Alliance for e-Health Report

Accelerating Progress: Using Health Information Technology and Electronic Health Information Exchange to Improve Care

In this inaugural report, the State Alliance examines the challenges
states face in implementing HIT and HIE, including provider concerns
about implementation costs, variations in technical standards for
interoperability and consumer concerns about data privacy and security.
The report is meant to spur continued innovation in states to make the
vision of an interconnected, efficient, quality-based health care
system – and ultimately a healthier American public – a reality.

<ed.note>What I want to see is an additional recommendation that XBRL be injected into the healthcare system — not just at the reporting level — but as far up the data stream as possible. No other current technology has the promise of bringing transparency as does this unappreciated one.</ed.note>

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  1. With most of the attention currently focused on the SEC’s adoption of XBRL, your comment serves as an important reminder of the many potential uses of the language well beyond the financial reporting realm.
    In the public area, XBRL is being adopted by national, state, and local governments, as well as for microfinance, microinsurance, and sustainability reporting. Within the corporation, XBRL’s potential extends outside the accounting department to sales, manufacturing, human resources, and other functions. Its capacity to help firms fulfill all of its compliance requirements in a cost-efficient way is especially noteworthy.
    It will be interesting to see if mandates by the SEC and national governments for financial reporting will spur the use of XBRL in other areas.
    Bob Schneider
    Data Interactive (the Hitachi XBRL blog)

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