Nashville Technology Council’s “Turning the Tide of Technology” Initiative Members Identify Challenges

<ed.note>So I writes to Kevin Bittorie and Jeff Constantine and sayz:

One of the most effective things you can do before this meeting is to do a poll/survey of members to determine how many have practices in place to encourage "net-work" ( work over IP ) and results-only work environments ( ). Nashville ( and rural Tennessee ) has an excellent shot at participating in global sourcing if we can determine what the systematic bottlenecks are, imho.

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Of course, if firms so ‘in need’ for US-based techies weren’t increasingly disincenting US tech students it might help — the problem with techies is that they tend to be SO DARNED ANALYTICAL.</ed.note>

Academic and Business Leaders Come Together to Form Initiative Action Plan for Nashville, TN

The Nashville Technology Council, area businesses, universities, and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, continued their joint effort yesterday to assist in connecting academic & business leaders with the purpose of developing solutions to help fill area technology jobs.

“This meeting was an in depth review of challenges facing both Academic Institutions and Business in the areas of computer science and information technology,” said Jeff Costantine, president, Nashville Technology Council. “The data gathered at this session will be key in the initiative launch, which will be presented to University Presidents and Business Leaders, scheduled for May 6th.”

The working session, hosted by Belmont University, was held to identify the steps needed to begin building a successful action plan. The key challenges currently facing the information technology sector are a decrease in enrollment in educational institutions, the demand for IT resources is at an all-time high, and the skills graduates have are not aligned with employer needs.

About “Turning the Tide of Technology” (T3) Initiative

This initiative has been started for the sole purpose of developing solutions to fill technology jobs in the Middle Tennessee region. The partnership between the Nashville Technology Council, area businesses and universities will help to improve the skill set of all current and future students enrolled in technology-related studies, create internships and raise awareness within the student community of opportunities in the technology profession.

About Nashville Technology Council

The Nashville Technology Council is a non-profit organization helping the Middle Tennessee technology community succeed. Membership is open to technology companies, technology- oriented divisions, educational institutions, and non-profit companies interested in supporting the growth of technology businesses in Middle Tennessee.