nanoTX’06 September 26-28

Sean Murdock, Executive Director, the NanoBusiness Alliance announces that the NanoBusiness Alliance has joined the list of major organizations sponsoring , a world class nanotechnology conference and trade expo, to be held at the Dallas Convention Center. The event is international in scope, with 160 speakers from 30 countries expected, but the strong participation of Texas’s semiconductor and microelectronics industries alone would make this event worthwhile. The theme of the event is "The Promise of Tomorrow: The Business of Nanotechnology". H. Ross Perot of Dallas, internationally renowned business leader and two-time Presidential candidate, will deliver the opening remarks on September 27. The other key highlight is the Nobel Laureates Legends Reception (dedicated to the memory of the late Jack Kilby and Rick Smalley) which will feature six Nobel Laureates. The event is hosted by the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative, which has done a fantastic job bringing together Texas’s universities, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies for this event. For more information, please visit Trends here.