“Most Obviously Sycophantic Research 2006” Award [ was Web Services Specifications: What About ebXML? ]

<ed.note>"very little vendor or user support for ebXML" — I wonder how IBM, Oracle, and Sun would feel about this assessment, not to mention the vendors who support freebxml? ebxmlforum.net and ebxml.org document the millions of users. [ Update: David Webber gives his free ( AS IN BEER ) research analysis HERE and presents the AWARD. ]</ed.note>

January 5, 2007 by Randy Heffner with Gene Leganza, Jacqueline Stone, Forrester

Web services adoption continues, but it is taking a long time to work out all of the specifications and standards. Along the way, the industry has created confusion around and between ebXML specifications and the emerging Web services specifications. ebXML is targeted strictly at B2B interactions, and even though ebXML is incorporating some of the Web services specifications, a clear relationship between the two has yet to emerge. According to data from recent Forrester surveys, there is very little vendor or user support for ebXML. This, combined with the continuing confusion, means that most users should avoid ebXML for now — unless they have a targeted reason for using it and good support from their vendors.