More Unfinished Business [was Unfinished Business]

<ed.note>I went to school with Greg Newton. He now ministers with the community here. The older I get the more I appreciate his willingness to be authentic and open about his wrestlings with the seeming paradox ( from the human perspective ) of the frail nature of anyone trying to live with integrity ( we mostly fail but do well at wearing our masks ) and the mysterious bigness of God. Here are the lyrics to the psalm to which he refers. The podcast is in QuickTime.

Update: I found several more podcasts where Greg discusses the community of Disciples Fellowship at the site: Intro to Disciples Fellowship, Leadership, Community & Discipleship, and Missional & Emergent. These are MP3 formatted.

FWIW: I listened with interest concerning how folks who come from a "free church" tradition have come to appreciate the lectionary/liturgical calendar (however adapted) and recalled that at the time I was going thru catechism as a youth with the Franciscans of St. Patricks I didn’t have the same appreciation for the place of the Stations of the Cross as an devotional|instructional tool as I do now. I think more "free churches" would do well to take advantage of this aid.</ed.note>