Model Driven Architecture for building the HDR and CDS [ HELP!!! I am writing an AMIA paper ]

Ken Rubin passed this notice to various listservs on behalf of Bo Dagnall:

Subject: Wow. The deadline for AMIA submissions for 2007 is in 9 days. Eric and Gloria are expecting me to submit a paper about the HDR and related technologies. I thought the most interesting topic would be Model Driven Architecture for building the HDR and CDS. These papers are supposed to be 5 pages. I can probably write 5 pages on this topic fairly easily, but in order for to be considered a good article, it needs to reference other printed material. I did a search on Pubmed for Model Driven Architecture and found no relevant results. I did another search on JAMIA (Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association) and found no results. I did some Google searches and got results, but the results didn’t appear to be related to the healthcare informatics field.

Can anyone help by pointing me towards some printed material (peer reviewed journals in biomedicine preferably) that is relevant? Also, would anyone consider co-authoring and potentially co-presenting with me on this topic?

Here is the abstract that I wrote:


The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is pursuing an ambitious endeavor to modernize their electronic health record system by re-hosting or reengineering the clinical applications that make up VistA (VHA Information Systems and Technology Architecture). One of the objectives of this endeavor is better portability, interoperability and computability of clinical data. An enabling component for this objective is the creation of an integrated and consolidated Health Data Repository

(HDR) capable of persisting and managing standardized clinical records for the entire veteran’s population. Another core constituent facilitating data interoperability is an enterprise-wide, standard VHA Health Information Model (VHIM) providing standard data definitions, semantics and constraints so that data can be represented consistently across all components of the VHA’s future electronic health record system. The novel approach used in the VHA is to make the information model computable by using Model Driven Architecture (MDA) techniques to generate implementable models and artifacts specific for different technology implementations; including the auto-generation of parts of the internal architecture of the VHA’s HDR.

Bo Dagnall
HDR Architect and CDS Team Lead