Mobile J/Speedy™ Near Field Communication Mobile Payment Pilot Project Successfully Launched in Europe by JCB Led Team

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AMSTERDAM, October 12, 2006 – JCB, the global payment brand, in cooperation with CCV Holland B.V., Gemalto, KPN, Nokia, NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors), PaySquare, and ViVOtech, announced that they have successfully launched Mobile J/Speedy™, the Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment pilot project in Amsterdam. Following initial trials in September, the pilot service is now being rolled out to a broader group of JCB’s customers. The project marks Europe’s first contactless international credit payment scheme using a mobile phone with an NFC chip.

This project is being carried out with close collaboration among these regional and global enterprises addressing the whole ecosystem for mobile payment applications. Selected JCB cardholders are provided with a mobile phone by Nokia, which is equipped with an NFC chip, developed by NXP and loaded with the JCB payment application specified by JCB and developed by Gemalto. At selected PaySquare merchants, cardholders can securely purchase items by just holding their mobile phone close to ViVOtech’s contactless NFC reader/writer, which is attached to the payment terminal of CCV. KPN is taking the role of installing the application and personalizing the mobile phones, and CCV is processing the transactions. JCB designed the scheme and coordinated the project based on its successful experience in contactless technology in Japan.

The first transaction of the pilot was conducted at Sushi Time, the Japanese sushi restaurant in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. The manager of Sushi Time enthusiastically told JCB that the customers who pay by Mobile J/Speedy are very happy with the speed and ease of this payment solution. Approximately 100 selected JCB cardholders are now enjoying fast, easy, and convenient payments with Mobile J/Speedy at selected merchants, where they used to pay by cash. Pilot merchants have received many questions from customers who are not part of the pilot but inquired about the contactless mobile payment when they saw it being used at the cash register. Although it has only been one month since the trial was launched, the increasing number of repeat usage indicates a strong acceptance of the technology and a very successful pilot.

“Feedback from the first users of Mobile J/Speedy has been very encouraging and we are pleased to now be able to involve a wider group of customers”, said Hajime Matsuura, branch manager of JCB International’s Amsterdam branch, who is taking a leading role in the pilot project. “Customers mentioned how quick and easy it was to pay for a cup of coffee on a busy day. Since there is a lot of business offices located in and around the World Trade Center, Mobile J/Speedy is being especially well-received by busy business people. They do not need to fumble in their pocket or purse to find small change. And merchants benefit from the fact that lines proceed faster at the cashier.”

Mr. Matsuura continued, “Along with a wallet, the mobile phone is becoming a must-have item when going out. Uniting mobile and secure contactless payment increases the level of convenience. Mobile J/Speedy is the product that answers the needs of today’s fast rhythm. JCB has already been successful with a contactless payment solution in Japan. With this additional success in Amsterdam, I am even more confident that mobile credit payment will start taking off in the payment market.”