Michael StrĂ¼bin on HIMSS EMEA

Dear friend,

Greetings and we hope you had a good summer. We at HIMSS EMEA have been excited to see the Health IT Community grow with new professionals joining almost daily, forming a community dedicated to the advance of eHealth.

We wanted to inform you about some key initiatives and events at HIMSS EMEA that may be of interest to you:

1) Our upcoming eSeminar on electrotechnical standards on 12 September
Do you or your company seek access to European markets with your software or medical equipment, and need to comply with medical standards directives from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)? Are these directives bewildering or intimidating? Or are you merely interested in learning more? This eSeminar at 16h CET on 12 September may be for you. Dr. Georg Heidenreich from Siemens, a renown expert and Health IT Community Member, will discuss several ICE standards and take the teeth out of their bite. Participate by yourself or invite a room full of people. Learn more and register at http://emea.himss.org/professionaldev/regMore.asp

2) A networking event for XING members at World of Health IT
Are you planning to come to World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition in Vienna, 22-25 October? Registrations are still being accepted at www.worldofhealthit.org. We are planning to host a Meet & Greet of XING members at World of Health IT during afternoon exhibition hours on Wednesday 24 October. We will be in touch with you with an invitation later this week.

3) HIMSS EMEA response to the European Commission
Brussels and the European Commission (EC) may seem far away from you, but decisions taken there will impact you sooner or later. HIMSS EMEA seeks to represent eHealth users like you, and to add your voices to the process. In August the EC opened an informal consultative process about its draft recommendation on ehealth interoperability (http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/newsroom/cf/itemlong…). A small band of HIMSS volunteers has drafted a response that is being finalised for submission on 10 September. The final response will be available on the HIMSS EMEA website next week.

For these and other initiatives, we invite you to get involved. Start adding your voice to the Health IT Community. Join our discussions, conferences, eSeminars and other events. Subscribe to our newsletter, and consider joining HIMSS. More information is at www.himss.org/emea.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to being in touch.

Best regards.