Michael Robertson Crunches the Numbers on Higher Education

<ed.note> I’m a big fan of data-driven policy. I’m very appreciative of my college years but with the growth of the global knowledge economy empowered by the broadband build out and world-wide distance education offerings, the US economy is seeing a decoupling of college and university attendance and "gaining an education". The real catalyst on the disintermediation of the US higher ed "monopoly" will be when global HR adopts hr-xml competencies and job standards which will allow for true evaluations of skillsets instead of the four year degree strawman bar used now. As social networking builds out the value of frat and sor connections will decrease. Then the media networks will have to find another mechanism to allow young folks to compete unpaid in athletics in order to drive their HD video ad revenues. Though if you need an atom smasher the campus will have still have the advantage — until fedgov redirects funds directly to private firms.</ed.note>

Recently College Board presented to congress a report which concluded that college is "high yield" financial investment for all attendees. My preliminary analysis raised several questions about the methodology used to arrive at that conclusion. I subsequently exchanged emails with the primary author and after a few inquiries they provided the actual worksheet and formula used in that report. Although it’s puzzling why the data backing their conclusion is not published for all to read on their web site if it’s so convincingly advocates college attendance.