Melih and Eishay on OHF, IHE Connectathon, NHIN, HIMSS 2007

As you might know, the OHF project had an integral part in two major Healthcare IT events recently, IHE Connectathon and the NHIN demonstration. OHF is looking forward to continuing that success at HIMSS 2007.

IHE Connectathon
OHF Components were used by a large portfolio of healthcare PHR, EMR and other applications running on a variety of platforms (J2SE, J2EE, .NET, PHP).
The following vendors used OHF in the systems they tested:
Bell Canada

All of the vendors who used OHF passed the Connectathon tests. The number of tests the OHF partners passed was significantly higher than other applications of a similar nature (who did not use OHF). An internal information network was established between the vendors, feeding each other with problems, fixes, configurations etc. This network and the successful week resulted in a strong sense of community amongst the OHF partners. It was commented by the testers that it was clear from the level of readiness who used OHF and who didn’t.

Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN)

The OHF components were used at the IBM NHIN Prototype demonstrated yesterday in Washington. The demonstration was very successful, and four of the participants in the demo used the OHF components including Duke University, CapMed, OpenEMR, and the OHF Viewer.

HIMSS 2007:
We expect to see all of the vendors who had their applications tested in the Connectathon display their applications at HIMSS 2007 IHE Showcase. So if you’re at HIMSS, be sure to drop by and see how IHE motors interoperability in the Healthcare IT industry :-)