Medsphere’s Open Source Stance [ Updated Update ]

"Health Care Software System, Subject of Lawsuit, Becomes Open Source", by

"Medsphere Goes Open Source", Mono Project News

"A medical open-source legal hell-hole", by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Linux-Watch

From LinuxMedNews

I am Steve Shreeve, Medsphere’s founding CEO and a current member of its Board of Directors. In my capacity as a Director of the company, and as the largest individual shareholder in the company, I am compelled to respond to a recent article that was published by Medsphere’s current CEO, Kenneth W. Kizer, regarding Medsphere’s open source stance, which is available at the following link

From Free Software Magazine, Interview with Fred Trotter: the Medsphere saga, By Tony Mobily

Recently Medsphere, supposedly an “Open Source” Medical Software Company, has sued its founders Scott and Steve Shreeve. Why? Medsphere claims that the Shreeves illegally released Medsphere software to Sourceforge. An “Open Source” Software company is suing its founders for releasing code under a free license… that’s a bit like Ford suing its employees for making cars. Recently Fred Trotter has come forward with evidence that he claims makes the Medsphere lawsuit baseless. Read on for an email interview with Fred Trotter regarding who did what in the Medsphere lawsuit, and why every free software developer should care about what is happening to the Shreeves.