Medical Banking Project Issues Call for White Papers

MBProject announced that its Sixth National Medical Banking Institute will be held on April 1-3, 2008 at the Marietta Conference Center & Resort in Georgia. The Emerging Medical Banking Ecosystem, the Institute’s theme, focuses on the creation of new platforms that link banking and healthcare systems to improve healthcare.

“At least two parallel trends are creating an end-to-end platform play that can add value in healthcare,” said John Casillas, MBProject’s founder and chair of its Institute. “New digital tools for consumers are growing – HSA tools, PHRs, etc., as well as back office efficiency tools in payments and credit. Linking the two areas will deliver tighter expense management for care providers and families. These two trends form a high value platform opportunity for banks which we’ll learn more about at the 2008 Institute.”

The President’s Council, providing peer review of content at the national institutes, is seeking qualified white papers that demonstrate medical banking in action. “We offer a world class forum,” said BP Fulmer, President of the Medical Banking Institute and Executive Director of Commercial EDI at ACS. “The Institute grew by over 55% last year and we expect to attract many more global participants across all the stakeholders. The educational and workgroup process at the Institute is unique, dynamic and engaging.”

White Paper submissions are due by September 14, 2007. Papers will be reviewed by MBProject with peer review by the Chair of Programming and Education, Maureen Turo, Vice President, Healthcare Market Specialist, BNY Mellon Treasury Services. Other subcommittee chairs include Sheila Schweitzer, Chairperson & CEO, CareMedic (Health Futures) and Doug Spence, COO, Foresight (Standards). For a description of the President’s Council see:

Topics that are most relevant include bank-driven revenue cycle management programs (i.e., the eHealth Lockbox), policy case studies (implementing HIPAA in banking systems), consumer-driven programs that use banking credit and/or processing systems to optimize customer experience, health record bank/trust programs, card-based platforms that integrate healthcare and banking transactions and open source healthcare projects. For a list of topics and submission guidelines go to:

About the Medical Banking Project
MBProject is a pioneering authority that coined the term “medical banking™” to denote the emerging global convergence of banking and healthcare systems to improve health costs, quality and access. Our educational forums, workgroups and pilot programs showcase visionary ideas and initiatives that inform policy, commerce and academia. Supported by a diverse constituency, MBProject conducts research and outreach that defines and facilitates medical banking™, and this supports our mission to convert digital savings into charitable resources. Our work demonstrates how banks can improve healthcare programs for consumers, care givers, health plans and employers. For more information please go to:

Contact: Evelyn Marquez Sanchez