Medical Banking Project Institute Hosts A Mayo Clinic Panel To Discuss “Federal Health Board”

The Medical Banking Project announced that it is collaborating with the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center to organize a panel with top-level health care CEOs and policy experts to discuss the creation of a new “Federal Health Board” at its 2009 Medical Banking Institute on March 11-13, 2009 in Nashville, TN. Early bird registration is available at http;//

“The panel is part of an outreach program designed by the policy center to promote urgently needed reform in health care based upon our ‘Building Upon The Cornerstones’ policy statement that emphasizes four core principles: create value, coordinate care, reform the payment system and insure everybody”, comments Robert Smoldt, Chief Administrative Officer Emeritus of Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center. “We’re intrigued by the medical banking movement and having the panel at the Institute seems to fit well with the Project’s mission to adapt banking models for health care.”

The Obama Administration recently announced HHS Secretary-select – Senator Tom Daschle, D-SD – who is an early proponent of a Federal Health Board. The panel will discuss the merits of using a Federal Reserve-like board for organizing competing health care groups around critical areas that need a common solution, including providing guaranteed, portable health insurance for all individuals, giving them choice, control and peace of mind, and to also encourage the use of value-based benefit design.

“I’ve started a dialogue on this topic with members at MBProject, CFOs at a leadership retreat organized by the Health Care Financial Management Association tackling a new payment system, and leaders at a recent 2008 Presidential Debate follow-up conference hosted by the Howard Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at Belmont University,” comments John Casillas, Founding Director of The Medical Banking Project. “The idea is gaining traction among these groups and so we are pleased to facilitate the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center dialogue at the Institute and we ask health care leaders everywhere to join us.”

The concept architecture of a Federal Health Board was advanced by the late Dr. Jerome Grossman of the Harvard Kennedy School. With permission granted by Dr. Grossman’s family, a draft of his work will be re-published in the second edition of the International Journal of Medical Banking to be distributed to Institute attendees.

In addition to the policy panel, MBProject is organizing a payor-provider panel to discuss the value paradigm using medical banking systems. A new Medical Banking Tool Kit will be announced that was designed by a collaboration of health care groups, banks and automotive industry giants. Other announcements are also expected.

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