Make It Free

Matt Perman’s take on Open Access: "…anything that hinders the ease with which your users can access and share your content imposes a ‘cost’ on them."

<ed.note>You hear a lot religious folks suggesting you tithe your ten percent — not so much about restricting their "publishing profits" to the same amount. There is a new testament ( pauline ) tension between not muzzling the ozen as it treads out the grain and a workman being worthy of his hire ( leaders, preachers, teachers ) on the one hand and not peddling the gospel on the other. I’ve noticed that a lot of rationale for division is expressed in theological terms — but is easier to track with a financial spreadsheet. Every fuss opportunes that two books get published instead of one, two colleges built, two publishing houses publish, two pulpits filled, etc. Here’s a call to pull the profit motive out of the equation so there be no doubt concerning motivations. Oh, and feel free to download this ;-)</ed.note>