Lorajoy Tira Dimangondayao – Diaspora Missiology: “The Road Map to Cape Town for People on the Move”

The world has increasingly become “borderless” due to globalization, technological communication and accelerated migration or diaspora (i.e. scattering or dispersion of people from their homeland), towards the end of the Second Millennium.  These diasporas have created tremendous opportunities and challenges to evangelize and disciple millions of people who, just a century ago, were living in isolated countries and regions of the world described by missiologists as “closed” and “restricted” to Christian missions.  Thus, the 21st Century reality of mass movements of people requires the global Church, here after referred to as the “Whole Church”, to respond.
Diaspora is then, one of the global issues to be discussed during the upcoming Lausanne III or the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (Cape Town 2010) gathering of Evangelical leaders in Cape Town, South Africa, October 16-25, 2010.  It must be noted that the previous Lausanne Congresses (Lausanne I – 1974; Lausanne II – 1989) did not address the issue of diasporas.
To prepare for this upcoming discussion (on Diasporas in Cape Town), two consultations on Lausanne Diasporas were convened in 2009 as part of the “road map” to Cape Town. More here