Listen: The Blog and its Growing Impact on Healthcare

Tony Chen, director of new business development at Evanston (IL) Northwestern Healthcare, talks about the evolution and benefits of the healthcare blogosphere. (Listen to the interview now.) He was interviewed by Corey Christman, editor with HealthLeaders Media.

Healthcare Blogging: The New Rules of Marketing

The event is over but the resources are helpful so:

Healthcare marketing and communications are facing a transformation, unlike any one seen before. Blogs and social media are emerging as a powerful new force that is challenging conventional wisdom and changing the rules of the game.

Transmarx and The Medical Blog Network (TMBN) are the first to present a forum that will help healthcare marketers and executives successfully navigate the tidal wave of change, driven by the New Media. Our all-star speaker lineup includes some of the leading authorities on the New and Traditional Media.

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Keynote: The Blogging Revolution Why Healthcare Will Be Transformed and How Other Industries Show the Way Steve Rubel, Senior VP, Edelman, ( Why should healthcare marketers and executives pay attention to blogging and social media? Because the impact they have had on news, politics and consumer marketing suggests the shape of change coming to consumer-driven healthcare. Steve Rubel, a conversational marketing pioneer, A-List blogger and top new media strategist at Edelman, the largest independent public relations firm in the world, provides his perspective on the impact of social media. The keynote will focus on how the lessons from other industries will apply to healthcare. Panel 1: Healthcare Blogging – Facts & Issues Understanding Size, Influence and Rules of the Healthcare Blogosphere Whether or not you are ready to participate directly, there are some things about blogging you need to know. As you are reading these lines bloggers may be writing about your organization and shaping the public opinion! How do blogs work? How many are out there? What is the source of bloggers’ trust, credibility and influence? What options does an organization have for responding to the activities of independent bloggers? What about the legal and ethical considerations? The panel will provide answers to these questions. • Dmitriy Kruglyak (Moderator) o Publisher, The Medical Blog Network o Founder of The World’s Largest Community of Healthcare Bloggers o Blog URL: • Fard Johnmar, MA (Report Presentation) o Founder, Envision Solutions LLC o Author: "The Emerging Healthcare Blogosphere, What Is It & Why Does It Matter?" o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Robert L. Coffield, JD o Member, Flaherty, Sensabaugh & Bonasso, PLLC o First Healthcare Law Blogger o Main URL: o Blog URL: • John Mack, MA, MS, MPhil o President, VirSci Corporation o Publisher, Pharma Marketing Network o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Mike Smith o President, Michael Smith Business Development o Traditional PR Perspective o Main URL: Panel 2: Healthcare Blogging – People & Case Studies Discussing the Value of the New Media with Blogging Healthcare Leaders Meet the forward-thinking healthcare leaders who saw the value of blogs early on and turned them into a powerful communication tool. Bloggers representing a broad cross-section of healthcare industry will talk about what they do, what they write about, how blogging adds a “human touch” to their organizations and fits in their personal and professional lives. The panel will cover the perspectives from diverse healthcare industry segments and organization sizes. • Carol Kirshner (Moderator) o VP, Promedica Research Center o Healthcare Blog Strategist & Consultant o Blog URL: • Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH (Keynote Presentation) o Director, National Center for Health Marketing, CDC o First Federal Health Official to Start a Blog o Main URL: o Blog URL: • John Bell o Managing Director/Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy PR o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Patricia Goldman o Vice President, e-Business, March of Dimes o Social Networker o Main URL: o Blog URL: • F. Nicholas Jacobs, FACHE o CEO, Windber Medical Center & Research Institute o First Hospital CEO to Start a Blog o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Richard Petty, MD o Private Practice Physician & Researcher o Scientific Director, Promedica Research Center o Main URL: o Blog URL: Panel 3: Healthcare Blogging – Strategy & Tactics Mapping Out Your Game Plan: The Nuts-and-Bolts of Getting Started Now that you understand the impact and value of blogs, what should you do about it? What is the difference between “outbound blogging” and “blogger relations”? How should you define the goals of your blog strategy as well as the steps and tactics you need to implement to get results? How can you establish your own blog as a communication tool and engage communities of independent bloggers, who can influence your reputation? What strategies and tactics are the most effective? The panel of expert will share the best practices. • Toby Bloomberg (Moderator) o President, Bloomberg Marketing o Strategic Marketing & Social Media Diva o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Elisa Camahort o Co-founder and President of Events & Marketing, BlogHer LLC o Professional Blogger, with 9 Blogs Currently Active o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Enoch Choi, MD o Urgent Care Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation o Online Content & Community Expert, Consultant to Google Health and Healthline o Main URL: o Blog URL: • Craig Lefebvre, PhD o President, Lefebvre Consulting Group o Social Media, Social Marketing & Community-based Health Promotion Expert o Blog URL: • Shahid Shah o CEO, Netspective Communications LLC o Healthcare Enterprise/Product Architect & Blog Consultant o Main URL: o Blog URL: Presentation: Healthcare Social Networking – The Next Frontier Trusted.MD: New Ways for Connecting Healthcare Stakeholders Blog is only one of the media formats changing the ways people communicate. The meteoritic rise of general-audience social networks, like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIN begs a question of how could these models translate into healthcare. The presentation discusses opportunities and challenges of healthcare social networking and introduces upcoming new service designed to provide new ways for connecting healthcare stakeholders: