David Moner Cano announces:

Dear all,

Our Group of Biomedical Informatics (IBIME) at the Technical University of Valencia, Spain, has been working during the last years in the field of integration and standardization of clinical data for the construction of EHR systems. Our main project has been called LinkEHR, which is a prototype system for managing clinical data in the form of EHR Extracts, following a dual model approach.

This system is part of a coordinated project, together with the University of Murcia (Spain), called "Semantic Web Technologies-Based Platform for the Management of Standardized Electronic Health Records".

The main component of LinkEHR will be LinkEHR-Ed, an archetype editor with integration and standardization capabilities. Its objectives are:
   1. to develop archetypes trough a visual interface independent from any particular reference model and direct edition of ADL. It includes the capability of importing a new Reference Model expressed as an XML Schema in order to use it as the guide for development of new archetypes. It also includes the capability of semantic validation of the designed archetypes.
   2. to provide tools for the standardization of legacy clinical data by mapping an archetype structure to data sources containing non-standardized clinical data and automatically generation of queries to extract and transform that data in the form of XML EHR extracts compatible with the Reference Model XML-Schema.

Although our work is not yet finished, we have decided to announce the existence of a beta version of LinkEHR-Ed. It just covers point 1 of the objectives (the edition and validation of archetypes), since point 2 (mapping archetypes to clinical data sources) is now under visual interface development and testing and we have decided to hide its interface by the moment.

Some remarks:

  • LinkEHR-Ed differs of current available archetype tools since it is a technical oriented editor and not a clinical point of view archetype editor.
  • LinkEHR-Ed has already been tested with the OpenEHR reference model and the European CEN EN13606 reference model.
  • LinkEHR-Ed is being developed in Java under the Eclipse Framework and it uses many components developed by ACode people. We expect to make its source code public by the end of the project, the last quarter of this year.

You can find more info and download the beta version of LinkEHR-Ed at

Direct link for download:

PDF documentation:

All comments will be appreciated.

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David Moner Cano
Grupo de Informática Biomédica – IBIME
Instituto ITACA

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)
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