LinkedIn Open Groups (and Others) Invites


ebXML group:
ebXML group on LinkedIn.

Medical Banking group:
To promote the latent integration of banking technology, infrastructure and credit with healthcare administrative and clinical operations on LinkedIn.

Open Education group:
Open Educational Resources group on LinkedIn.

Open GRID group:
This is a group to promote the intersection of open source, open standards, cloud, grid, mesh, portable data, semantic web, web services and high performance computing.

Open HealthCare group:
This is a group to promote the intersection of open source, open standards and HealthCare.

Open Journalism group:
Promoting distributed and open news.

Open Mobile group:
For those interested in Open Mobile solutions (open source, open standards) and convergence.

Open VOIP group:
Boosting open source telecomm and open voip standards such as enum, sip, etc

Project Net-Work group:
Promoting the adoption of distance education, telemedicine, telework, ip-based collaborative work spaces, and results-only work environments.

Technology Nashville group:
Promoting a technology economy in Nashville and Tennessee. Networking tech professionals, angels, venture capitalists, public and private institutions, start ups, etc.

World Convention group:
World Convention (Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples of Christ) group on LinkedIn.

Kevin Bittorie:
Nashville Technology Council

Jay Deragon:
WirelessFactor group:

Robin West: 
Building Tennessee!