Konstantin (Kosta) Peric: Innotribe Mumbai: summary, videos and materials

“innotribe Mumbai – Connecting the unbanked”, the first Innotribe stand-alone event, was a fantastic happening!

The event tagline was: “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of
history” (Gandhi)

We’ll see if this event will change history ;-) but for sure the sense of mission of the participants was very clear! We had about 220
participants on the first day and 170 on the second.

As a reminder, here is the agenda and the speakers: link

From the format perspective, we started with presentations and then quickly moved to interactive workshops. On day 2, we also featured the “mixer”, a very lively presentation of a number of local and regional entrepreneurs, and the “mobile arena”, the crowning of the event where the participants had the opportunity to present their ideas to the crowd and get feedback in a very special “Indian wave” way.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so the best way to experience the event for yourself  is to watch the summary video available here

(about 3 and a half minutes long): link
(to my personal blog)


The video does show the gradual buildup of interactions and energy as we progressed in the two days

From the content perspective, I’ve summarized the event in the closing plenary with a number of tweets, which I reproduce here –

1. Opportunity

– domestic payments, international remittances, for banked and

2. Challenge
– 300 million people to bank and connect. Staggering.

3. India
– it’s already mobile payments 2.0, but beware of non interoperable systems

4. Make it simple
– languages, voice, graphical user interfaces, devices.

5. Hidden assets
– 200,000 Nokia outlets that can be leveraged for distribution

6. Ecosystem
– many players, interconnected in a complex mesh

7. Collaboration
– no one can attack the unbanked and mobile payments challenge alone.

8. Opportunity

– there is enough revenue to make collaboration profitable to all
players in the ecosystem.

9. New business models-
think freemium

10. Innotribe Mumbai-
smile, fun, work, variety of ideas and initiatives.

is part of the ecosystem, we can and we will help

You can find here a single pdf file with all the presentations: link

Finally, here are links to the videos of the ideas from the Arena (each
is about 3 min long – the pitch itself, and the the “Indian
wave” feedback)

Idea 1: link

Idea 2: link

Idea 3: link

Idea 4: link

Idea 5: link

Idea 6: link

Idea 7: link

Idea 8: link

See you at Innotribe@Sibos in Toronto, Sept 19-23 for other Innotribe adventures!