Kim Solez Provides Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting Presentation Pointers

Kim Solez posted these comments in response to Internet2: Full Speed Ahead by Roger Smith, 11/22/2008,

Hi Roger,

Great report! Just a few more links to engage the readership a bit more directly:

The Internet2 Detective (many people are connected to Internet2 and don’t know it!)

Presentations from the recent Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting highlighting advances in:

overall structure and capability

musical performance and instruction

social networking

<ed.note>Note especially: “How Social Networks can leverage and enable Web 2. 0 & Semantic Web/Grid”, “Move to Virtual Team Science”</ed.note>

telemedicine and telepresence

Ironically Internet2 works as well as it does because of the relatively small number of users. This means that even in educational institutions that have been a part of the effort from the beginning it is unknown to most students and faculty. So an article like your can provide a great service making people aware of a remarkable resource that exists somewhat hidden right under their noses!

All the best. – Kim