Kevan Peer: Campbell-Stone Churches Respond to Tornadoes

Good Morning, mid-state Family,

Most of this will detail how we can dovetail into what our Sister a cappella
Churches of Christ are already doing. I have asked our IDES ministry to
partner with them, but that approval takes time, and I have not heard if they
will. And the Disciples group, "Week of Compassion" is also expected to
contribute in some form, but again, they are a committee type organization,
and it has not been determined how, or if they will help.

At this point, here is what I know.


After hitting Arkansas the night before with similar results,
the tornado hit M'boro, TN. on Good Friday :
1 tornado,
2 killed,
15 mile long path of destruction,
30 homes demolished,
100+ injured,
519 structures in all were damaged (Bldg & Codes Dept report Sunday),
1000's without water & power as of Saturday,
many people had to stay elsewhere temporarily due to lack of utilities,
damage estimates continue to rise.

Here is the AOL report:
their pics
Here are photos of a local church helping in initial clean-up:

In terms of our Churches, I am still receiving reports, but so far:
1 family staying elsewhere due to utilities being down,
2 families with some damage,
14 families had significant enough damage that they had to move out,
2 families lost their entire homes,
and all 3 streams of the Restoration Movement were affected.
Accordingly, all 3 are helping in recovery attempts.

The Churches of Christ delivered their 1st truck Saturday, and will have
another tractor trailer Wednesday. The Christian Churches are looking to
partner with the CoCDRE in this part of the recovery effort. And the Disciples
of Christ are looking at an additional partnering, but have not come up with
a formal plan yet (typical committee boards type of process).

In my Church / State cooperation role, part of what I do as ambassador
for our Churches, I serve on the Murfreesboro Mayor's Disaster Preparedness
Task Force. While that coordinates all the official responses and procedures
for such events, my task is simply to help coordinate efforts with our Churches.

While some in our Congregations are not comfortable with "mutual efforts"
or "cooperative ventures", there are other options listed here as well, so feel free
to plug-in anywhere in this matrix.

And, as always, thanks for your efforts for our Lord in your part of His Vineyard.

Below, I have listed 6 ways you can participate, set under 4 "Office" headings.

In HIS love,

kevan peer, a servant


"for it does not yet appear, what we shall be"

Church Offices

(A) In addition to giving funds earmarked for recovery efforts to your local
Congregation, we also have 1 major coordinated effort going on
already for you to plug into in M'boro, and 1 just starting to come together:

(B) Church of Christ Disaster Relief Effort (CoCDRE)
is providing food boxes, cleaning supplies, yard hand tools
being distributed through 2 local Congregations:

Kingwood Heights Church of Christ (starting last Saturday, Apr. 11, 2009)
115 E. MTCS Rd (off Memorial Blvd. across from the school – MTCS)
Murfreesboro, TN. 37129
Elder (Shepherd) in charge – Doug Hutchins
Supplies distributed through the back side of the building in their
fellowship hall. They are open 8 AM to 9 PM and expect to have
to be there through Friday. They anticipate receiving another
truckload Thursday, and may need help unloading, but say they
are staffed for the regular ongoing efforts well enough.

They are also providing some meals through their kitchen. A Church team
out of Florida is doing the cooking! A second Church group out of Florida
is asking if they can come help. This "Disaster Response Team"
will help with the clean-up efforts ongoing, and especially Saturday.

They, along with several other agencies, also have clothing if needed.

Franklin Rd Church of Christ (starting Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2009)
3700 Franklin Rd.
Murfreesboro, TN. 37133
Minister – bro. Clyde Franklin
Elders – bro. Greg Daniels and bro. Fred Gaston

They will also distribute starting Wednesday, but the times are not
yet known to me.

Our folk can come help the CoCDRE as they again pack boxes this
Tuesday at 10 AM there near Thompson Ln., right off Nolensville Rd (behind
Whitt's BBQ), on 410 Allied Drive, Nashville, TN. 37211. Their number is
(615)83-0888. Packing a set of boxes should take about 2 hours and they
will even offer you a lunch for helping out there!

(C) Also, I have heard that T Harville is organizing the clean up and move out at
Diane and Ben Austin’s house. His number is 427-3606. In a few days we will
have to move everything out of their house.

Mayor's Office

They are coordinating volunteers through this phone number (615)890-1934.

Saturday, the police will allow volunteers into the affected areas
past the barricades to help in the clean-up efforts. Presently, a pass must
be issued for entrance if you are not a local resident in that neighborhood.

You can call, leave your name and number, and they will call you back when
they have the plans and locations lined-up for volunteers.

They are also coordinating things with the Governor's Office and TEMA.

That number is also good for those seeking help. (615)890-1934.

Red Cross Office
(615)893-4272, provides humanitarian aid in these situations.
there are two other agencies who will also try to provide spiritual assistance.
The M'boro Salvation Army (615)895-7071,
and Greenhouse Ministries (615)494-0499,
are providing assistance, and will all welcome your contributions.

Greenhouse may be collecting furniture and appliances again as they did for
Katrina victims a while back.

The Highest Office
We ask that you not only remember in prayer those of our own who have suffered
loss, but also those of the community – both those who suffered loss, and those
who will see our incarnation of Messiah's ministry into their lives.

And pray that God will use this to His glory. CS Lewis said, "God whispers to
us in our pleasures, but He shouts to us in our pains." God has already taught us
that when we are one, He will receive glory, and this is one way we can express
that oneness through meeting fellow human beings' needs.