Isaac S. Kohane

Isaac (Zak) S. Kohane, M.D., Ph.D.
Lawerence J. Henderson Associate Professor of Pediatrics
and Health Sciences and Technology, HMS, CHMC
Director, Children’s Hospital Informatics Program
Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Kohane leads multiple collaborations at Harvard Medical School and its hospital affiliates in the elucidation of regulatory networks of genes and the interaction between genotype and phenotype using a variety of bioinformatics techniques. Application domains he is currently involved in include tumorigenesis; type 2 diabetes, neurodevelopment, neuro-endocrinology and transplantation biology. To aid in the diffusion of diffusion of genomics into biomedical education, he has developed a course at Harvard Medical School entitled Genomic Medicine that was first offered in Spring 2003. Dr. Kohane’s research builds on his doctoral work in computer science on decision support and subsequent research in machine learning applied to biomedicine. Dr. Kohane has also led the development of cryptographic health identification systems and automated personal health records and peer-to-peer pathology information networks. Dr. Kohane leads several NIH-funded efforts to translate genomic research into clinical practice and continues his own practice in pediatric endocrinology at Children’s Hospital.