Intel’s Craig Barrett on Bridging Africa’s digital divide

<ed.note>The fact that many are discovering that to get "teaching" to a student in a "far off place" doesn’t require getting the "teacher" there — has been "missed" by public schools in the U.S.

Educational policy needs to be focused on reallocating good teachers rather than attempting to pay for one good teacher per each hectare ( read: virtual classroom instruction ). As Barrett points out as in "Africa it is not a choice between clean water and broadband. You can do
more than one thing at a time". The same is true of the US. One Laptop Per Child, for instance, does no good if the kids aren’t allowed to begin learning until a teacher is standing in the same room with them. Curriki, DSpace, etc. are of no value if they have to be moderated by some official gatekeeper.

The REAL question is how will the self-taught receive certification for their acquired knowledge ( and will potential employers’ HR personnel recognize it ) when the global higher ed system measures achievement, in part, by butt time in an "official" school desk. And newspapers thought they were dealing with disintermediation…</ed.note>