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<ed.note>Some people ask what I do re: conmergence. I aggregate trends, predict the future, am ignored locally and read globally ( the prophet in his own country, parable of the field with hidden treasure, etc. ). And I connect innumerable folks walking down parallel paths who are unaware of one another’s work. Since information is the “new gold” it’s my way of being a social venture capitalist.Jay Deragon is one refreshing Innovation Plantation entrepreneurs who has a keen eye on the “siliconvallification” of global work, especially as it has affected the Relationship Economy. Among other things, he shepherds and today has posted on “Virtual Work Factors.” Jay mentions IBM, who purchased WebDialogs yesterday, in part, because IBM has learned from their foray into open source how online global collab tools makes for more efficient work ( they do a lot of professional service work, you know ). Similarly, SUN’s Jonathan Schwartz is betting on using the viral nature of the global open source collab model to underpin their marketing push re: hardware, etc. And, of course, Microsoft has the groovy Ray Ozzie.

I’ve been monitoring how online collab work is affecting the educational establishment (,,, blackbaud, socialtext, GLOSAS Global University, etc. ) especially as young workers ( new parents to be ) are migrating out of the NE of the US and to Europe and Asia — and into more rural US climes while competing more globally. Yet, for whatever reason, while corporate online unversities flourish, we send our K-12 students home at half-day because the temperature in the building is over 100 degrees F because we lack sufficient air conditioning capacity in the public school buildings. The question no Nashville locals appear to be willing to ask is “Why do you need to drive a student to a public school in order to attend a public school in the first place?”

Question: If you want a quick shorthand indicator for local workplace culture innovation, should one look at air quality?</ed.note>