In Reply to Stacey Simmons at TED Conversations

Hi Ed, I would love to figure out how to do that. I agree, a credentialing system would be great. Our system allows the colleges and universities to accent their peers- selling downstream and collaborating in parallel. Please tell me more of what you’re thinking, I’d love to hear more.

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Stream of consciousness to follow:

1) The main reason most 4 year degrees are of value is because corporations refuse to invest in their HR departments enough to get discerning, knowledgeable screeners and so they use the 4 year degree as a substitute for insightful thinking, meaningful training and education, etc. when culling job applicants.

2) There is a growing consensus that there is ‘diploma for dollars” racket (as Dylan Ratigan puts it). The Jeff Pulver 140edu events, the #uncollege movement, home schooling association growth, the increase in online mentoring, open courseware, Dspace, Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Online Library,, Khan Academy, WikiBooks, Wikipedia, Youtube courseware, etc. …

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3) The department of education simply requires that any university which accepts Pell grants be required to submit the knowledge required to attain any of the degrees they grant. An average of all similar degrees would yield criteria to which Petersons et al can easily write tests. Then we set up gov’t testing centers (public libraries) where online CLEP-like tests can be taken. If you pass the criteria, you get the General Bachelor of Arts/Science Equivalency degree. At that point, if the employer wants more, they can pay for it.