Ignacio Valdes Editorializes on HIMSS response to HR 6898

Ignacio Valdes is the editor of Linux Med News and has been a
proponent of open source in health care. He recently posted this
notice of his editorial to the Open Source Working Group of the
American Medical Informatics Association. It (and associate posts at
LMN) may or may not be of interest:

"Health Information and Management Systems Society HIMSS has presented
their response http://linuxmednews.com/PDFs/Final_HIMSS_Response_to_HR_6898.pdf
to H.R. 6898 which favors open source software and Veterans Affairs
VistA: ‘…The private sector makes significant investments in
research and development for healthcare IT products. Healthcare IT is
available via a competitive market in which vendors compete on the
basis of price, quality, and functionality of a product. The
development, routine updating, and provision of an open source
"healthcare information system" is not the role of the federal
government and such product development should remain in the private

I have penned a saucy little editorial response here:

— IV