Ideas Boston, October 4, 2007

  • Fast-paced one-day event where some of the region’s leading innovators from every imaginable field present their latest – or perhaps their next – big idea
  • Artistic breaks and ample time for networking, dialogue, and informal Q & A woven throughout the day
  • Not-to-be-missed evening reception caps the day and provides yet another opportunity for brainstorming

IDEAS Boston is meant for those looking to connect the dots in new ways, big thinkers, those wanting to jump-start their imagination.

Special guest moderator:

Tom Ashbrook – Radio Journalist
Award-winning journalist and host of National Public Radio’s "On Point", from WBUR.
Speakers confirmed to date include:

Emmanuel K. Akyeampong, FGA – Professor of History and African Studies
Loeb Harvard College Professor and Former Chair of the African Studies Committee, a leading social historian of Africa and President of the African Public Broadcasting Foundation, working to create a renaissance on the continent through outreach and education.

Kecia Ali, Ph.D. – Professor of Religion
Author and Boston University Professor whose work focuses on Islamic religious texts, especially jurisprudence, and women in both classical and contemporary Muslim discourses.
Jay Allison – Broadcast Journalist
Independent radio and television documentary maker, known to NPR listeners as the curator of the series, This I Believe. 

Joan S. Brugge, Ph.D. – Cell Biologist
Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School and research scientist working to identify and understand the mechanisms involved in cancer development. 

Erik D. Demaine, Ph.D. – Mathematician
MIT Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and one of the founders of "origami mathematics’ which has applications such as folding telescopes and understanding how proteins fold.

Michael Gandolfi. – Composer, Music Professor
Internationally-renowned composer and teacher of composition whose latest work, "The Garden of Cosmic Speculation" – a seventy-minute orchestral composition inspired by Charles Jencks’ Scotland landscape of earthworks and installations – represents for the composer a magnificent joining of physics and architecture.

Edward L. Glaeser, Ph.D. – Urban and Social Economist
Harvard Professor of Economics, whose work has focused on international disparities in social welfare systems and the role of cities as centers of idea transmission.

David C. Kang, Ph.D. – Specialist on East Asia
Associate Professor at Dartmouth, Author, and an expert on the history and politics of China and North Korea.

Nancy G. Kanwisher, Ph.D. – Cognitive Neuroscientist
A professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT and an investigator at The McGovern Institute for Brain Research, who studies the neural and cognitive mechanisms underlying human visual perception and cognition.

Derek Lovley, Ph.D. – Microbiologist
Distinguished University Professor and Researcher at UMASS Amherst and discoverer of the Geobacter, an electrically conductive microbe that can decontaminate groundwater, power batteries, and more.

Ioannis (Yannis) N. Miaoulis, Ph.D. – Science and Technology Educator
President and Director of the Museum of Science who is an innovative educator with a passion for both science and engineering.

Bisola Ojikutu, MD MPH – Infectious Disease Physician and Healthcare Advocate
Director of the Office of International Programs within the Division of AIDS at Harvard Medical School and Infectious Disease Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital who has dedicated her career to rectifying disparities in healthcare access for HIV-infected patients both domestically and abroad.

Panos Panay – Internet Entrepreneur
CEO and Founder of Sonicbids, a website that enables bands and music promoters to easily connect with each other. Sonicbids’ current membership consists of 110,000 bands and 8,000 promoters from over 100 countries.

Anna Schuleit – Painter and Installation Artist
2006-07 Radcliffe Institute Fellow, whose large-scale installations revolve around the archaeology and remembrance of public sites and modern ruins.

Nader Tehrani, M.A.U.D. – Architect and Urban Designer
Internationally recognized Co-Principal of design firm Office dA and Professor of Architecture at MIT, whose work ranges from one-of-a-kind furniture to urban spaces.
John C. Warner, Ph.D. – A Founder of Green Chemistry
President and Chief Technology Officer for The Warner-Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and a pioneer in the use of innovative materials to reduce waste, pollution and energy consumption.