Hylton Jolliffe posts on “FASTforward 08 interviews with speakers, attendees, and bloggers”



John Hagel: The Impact of the User Revolution on Your Organization
David Weinberger: The Information Mess – And Why You Should Love It

Day One

John Hagel – consultant, author
Joe McKendrick – analyst, blogger
Bob Coxe – chief information officer for Criterion Systems
Robert Paterson – Robert Paterson, consultant, blogger
Clare Hart – EVP, Dow Jones & Company
David Sutija – SVP of enterprise products, FAST
David Weinberger – speaker, consultant, author
Tom Davenport – consultant, author
Jorn Ellefsen – CEO of Comperio
Charles Fiesel – Roundarch
Don Tapscott – strategist, author of “Wikinomics”
Sue Feldman – research vice president, content technologies group, IDC

Day Two

Gerry Campbell: president, search and content technologies, Reuters
Zia Zaman: executive vice president, global marketing, FAST
Safa Rashtchy: speaker at FASTForward’08
Jan Paul Raven: Knowledge Concepts
Jared Spataro: group product manager, Microsoft
Benjamin Rudolph: Search Discovery
Jim McGee: consultant, author, blogger
Mark Pfeiffer: SAILLABS
Bill Ives: consultant, blogger
Jon Husband: author, blogger, consultant
Paula Thornton: experience design strategist
Bjørn Olstad: CTO of FAST
Sandy Kemsley: consultant and blogger
Tim Stay: Perfect Search
Liv Brahin: UBS
Michael Cleary: Reuters

Day Three

JP Rangaswami: CIO of British Telecom
John Markus Lervik: CEO, FAST
Nate Treloar: SVP, Interaction Technology, FAST
Jevon MacDonald: blogger perspective
Kiyosh Kurihara: President of Japanese analyst firm TechVisor JP, Ltd.
Brooks Gibbins: vice president and general manager, financial services at FAST
Kyoko Suzuki: Computer World Japan