hResume, Semantic Web, UDEF [ was Chuck Allen,, on What Corporate IT Infrastructure Would Look Like ]

<ed.note>… if the C-Suite truly thought employees were valuable re: onboarding, compensation and succession management, etc. Update: Chuck has been looking lately at the interaction of hr-xml and microformats [1], [2], [3].

I find the timing of this of interest because the folks at UDEF are honing in on the importance of metadata. And the semantic web asserts itself in many places such as healthcare (btw, I think one semantic leap forward would be if we could all agree on how to spell "healthcare" ;-).

As businesses and organizations become increasingly global, cross cultural and cross sector, the ability to accurately portray meaning across the enterprise becomes obvious as a base level competency for the firm. It will be interesting to see if the C-Suite breaks out these competencies for remuneration, or if stockholders punish them for not doing so.</ed.note>

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