HR-XML Certifications Expand Globally

The HR-XML Consortium announced today that it has awarded certifications to CareerJunction, Manpower France, and Volt Information Sciences, Inc. The award for Volt Information Sciences, Inc. was a renewal of an earlier certification. The certification for Manpower in France is in addition to an earlier certification granted to Manpower. The certification for CareerJunction is the first awarded to that company.

… Other HR-XML Consortium certified companies are: Acxiom Information Security Services; American Background; Applicant Insight Limited, Inc.; BenefitsXML Inc.; BrassRing; Business Information Group (BIG); Candidate Manager Ltd; LLC; Certiphi Screening, Inc.; ChoicePoint;; deverus; eWork Exchange Inc.; ExecuTRACK Solutions; Fidelity Investments; First Advantage; The Gallup Organization; HireDesk; HireRight; HR Services, Inc.; InfoMart; IntelliCorp; JobFlash; Jobpartners Ltd.; Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc.; Lawson Software, Inc., Manpower; MetLife Inc.; milch & zucker; Monster; MrTed Limited; onTargetjobs; Oracle; PeopleBank; Peopleclick; Questionmark; Resume Mirror, Inc.; SHL Group PLC; SHPS; Sovren; Sterling Testing Systems; Taleo; Truescreen, Inc.; Unicru; USA-FACT; USIS; Valtera; Volt Information Sciences, Inc.; and Vurv.