HR-XML 3.0 Unveiled

Chuck Allen wrote:

While there were a few workgroup discussions focused on HR-XML 2.5 implementation and web services, most discussions focused on the recently launched HR-XML 3.0 initiative. Many of the requirements shaping HR-XML 3.0 came to together in a series of meetings in late 2006. Mutual members of the HR-XML Consortium and the Open Applications Group (ADP, IBM, Lawson, Oracle, SAP, and Cisco Systems) were among the companies helping shape plans for HR-XML 3.0. We’ve communicated through blog posts [1], [2], a white paper, and a press release some of the rationale for the re-architecture. However, the Houston meeting was the first time, the plans for HR-XML 3.0 were presented and discussed face-to-face with the broader HR-XML community.