HISA/OpenMRS/OSHCA 2008 Conference 16-20 June 2008, Durban, South Africa

The South African Health Informatics Association (SAHIA), OpenMRS Consortium (OpenMRS) and OpenSource Healthcare Alliance are pleased to announce the 2008 Conference of the Open Source Healthcare Alliance (OSHCA) and augural meeting of the Africa chapter of OSHCA that will take place during the week of 16 to 20 June 2008 in Durban, South Africa in association with HISA 2008, the biannual meeting of the South African Health Informatics Association (SAHIA) and the OpenMRS Implementers Meeting 2008. Specific dates and the program are presently being developed and will be announced on the conference and OpenMRS web site as they become available.  We are planning a stimulating program for developers, implementers and users of open source health software and hope that those who supported previous events will consider supporting this event. We look forward to seeing you in Durban!

Kind Regards
Chris Seebregts, PhD
Biomedical Informatics Research
Medical Research Council
University of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa
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