High Throughput Computing Week – Edinburgh – November 27-30, 2007

Speakers will include Miron Livny of Condor and John Powers of Digipede, as well as Jason Stowe of Cycle Computing and Akash Chopra of Barrie & Hibbart representing commercial users. There will also be several other presenters who will describe how they have used HTC in their everyday research.

Each of the four days will focus on a different aspect of High-Throughput Computing.  Delegates may register for individual days. There will be a workshop dinner on the evening of Day 3.

Day 1: Example Solutions: presentations from users in academia and enterprise show how HTC has transformed their work.

Day 2: Technology comparison and training: two technology providers demonstrate how their systems would tackle the same problem

Day 3: Requirements gathering: researchers, applications developers and providers discuss their HTC requirements, including security, usability, energy efficiency and reliability.

Day 4: The Future of HTC: users, service providers and technology providers discuss long term roadmaps.

This meeting is intended for a mix of users of HTC as a service, service providers and application developers who build on top of HTC systems. Participants should be from the commercial as well as academic communities.

For registration and more details see http://www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/831/.

Grid Computing Now! Team