Global Health Data Standards Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya December 4-7, 2007 [Update]

<ed.note>Tim Cook comments that this was "probably the very best REAL workshop I have ever attended." If anyone has related online presentations, blog posts, etc. please make a comment or email me so I can link to them here. Thanks.</ed.note>

A great deal of effort goes into collecting health data in developing countries. However, much of this data is not used because it is not available where it could make a difference. Health systems have many decision points including direct patient care, management of health services, planning, program monitoring, and evaluation of services. Each of these can benefit from information at the decision point. The key to improving access to data is to have clear definitions and communication protocols. This workshop will build on standards experience with electronic medical records for ART care to lay the groundwork for scalable standards for global health data by extending this work to related areas such as TB, PMTCT, VCT, primary care, and national HIS indicators. It will present the state of the art in health information systems as well as health information system implementation practices.

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