Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages, Open Virtual Machine Format Specifications write ups at Cover Pages

The World Wide Web Consortium has announced the publication of Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRDDL) as a W3C Recommendation, together with a separate GRDDL Test Cases Recommendation. The GRDDL specification represents "an important link between Semantic Web and microformats communities. With GRDDL (pronounced ‘griddle’), software can automatically extract information from structured Web pages to make it part of the Semantic Web. Those accustomed to expressing structured data with microformats in XHTML can thus increase the value of their existing data by porting it to the Semantic Web, at very low cost." More here.

Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, and XenSource have submitted the Open Virtual Machine Format Specification (OVF) to the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) for further development into an industry standard. The OVF specification describes an open, secure, portable, efficient and extensible format for the packaging and distribution of (collections of) virtual machines. Its goal is to facilitate the automated, secure management not only of virtual machines, but the appliance as a functional unit. More here.