Gary Holloway Appeals on behalf of World Convention

December, 2011

Dear partner in Christian unity:

Great news! Thanks to a generous donor, if you give to World Convention by the end of December, your gift will be matched up to $10,000!

So even if you have already given this year, I ask you to give again. If you have thought of giving but have not, now would be a great time.

These gifts will assist people like Martin Phiri. For years he has worked faithfully as a minister in Kenya, tirelessly spreading the good news of Jesus. With few resources, he is managing (with God’s help) to produce a self-sustaining ministry. What is more, he is on the board of World Convention.

But he does not have the resources to attend our Global Gathering in Brazil next year.

And he is not alone. From Latin America, Asia, and other parts of Africa, we receive numerous requests for assistance to attend the Gathering.

That is why I write you. The question is “Are we a World Convention?” Or are we only a first world convention? Will we have a Global Gathering? Or just a gathering of Brazilians and those from North America, Australia, and other places who can afford to come?

For the next eight months, all donations to World Convention in excess of our annual expenses will go toward funding travel grants to those who want to attend the Global Gathering.

Last week I heard a presentation on the shift of Christian numbers to the Global South. There are now more Christians, and more members of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Latin America, Africa, and Asia than there are in North America and Europe. Yet the overwhelming amount of financial resources is still in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Will we share with our brothers and sisters in need? One way to do that is to give generously to World Convention, to allow us to see them face-to-face in Goiania.

I hope you have registered to attend the Global Gathering. If so, would you help make it possible for others? If you cannot personally attend, you can be there in the person of a brother or sister from another part of God’s world. And whatever gift you give supports our continuing ministry of Christian unity.

God is at work among us! He asks us to join in his work worldwide.