freebXML Software Foundation Announces ‘freeb-ubl’ [ Update ]

Stephen Green:

On behalf of the ‘freeb-ubl’ project I am pleased to announce the availability of our project’s first release, version 1.0.

The ‘freeb-ubl’ project is a new royalty-free, open source project from the freebXML Software Foundation.

‘freeb-ubl’ is published as an opensource implementers’ package for UBL and ebXML. It provides royalty-free, out-of-the-box tools to aid with use of the Universal Business Language (UBL) and the standard framework for electronic business with XML, ebXML. The package is intended to grow over time but this version provides:

  • stylesheets for transforming UBL 1.0 Small Business Subset (SBS) compliant instances (electronic invoices, orders and the like) to their UBL 2.0 equivalents
  • CAM templates samples for contextual content validation and subset business rules (for illustration)
  • XForms for simple input, editing and viewing with an XForms reader of various UBL and ebXML-BP documents (Note: this version focuses on the UBL procurement documents)
  • generator (XSLT) to allow self-build creation of XForms additional to those ready-made (can be combined with jCAM engine)
  • UBL 1.0 and UBL 2.0 customizations (subsets) for general use with schema files provided (procurement documents) and matching CAM templates
  • atomic, modular ebXML Business Process (ebXML-BP 2.0) definitions for these documents

Robin Cover’s Cover Pages treatment.