Free Bull Fighting, Interoperancy

<ed.note>I just googled Though I’m not connected in anyway with the current folks who are working with it, I was a part of the team prototyping the early, early, early software ( under Greg Wernke who’s now at Vanderbilt U doing metadata in healthcare research ). Back in the day when Deloitte was going to spin off Deloittte Consulting, but eventually didn’t, I was a contractor in their infrastructure application R & D group in Hermitage, TN. They were wanting a tool that would check their internal consultant’s contracts, etc., for stupidly promised deliverables, etc. Thus was Bullfighter born. Another strategy house, PWC, was just launching its "transparency" push ( xbrl, etc. ) as I was learning about software being "loosely coupled" — and thus "interoperancy" was born. "Interoperancy" will come into play when we actually get all the potential Healthcare Savings Accounts related data sources federated and will be a foundational tool of consumer-driven healthcare.</ed.note>