FOSS Factory

FOSS Factory is the only website where the community collaborates
on every aspect of free/open source software production, including design, funding and development. Our mission is to help accelerate the advancement of free/open source software.

The founding team of FOSS Factory has a history of successful business start-ups in the IT industry. Steve Sutherland, the lead investor, met and hired John-Paul, the current president, back in 1994 to help build TrueSpectra, an internet imaging and dynamic composition software company. TrueSpectra was rebranded as Scene7 and later bought out by Adobe in 2007.

Steve and John-Paul left TrueSpectra in 1999 and immediately co-founded OpenGraphics, a start-up that provides solutions for internet photo sharing, composition, print fulfillment, and wireless access services. OpenGraphics rapidly grew in operation and was soon acquired by Best Buy in 2003 and rebranded as Siberra. Steve and John Paul continued to hold senior positions at Siberra where they met Abdullah Bakhach in 2005.

After leaving Siberra, John-Paul and Abdullah started work on the vision of FOSS Factory, with John-Paul as lead developer and Abdullah in the role of business development. Work on FOSS Factory progressed, and Steve Sutherland soon became its lead investor and advisor.