Folding@Home PS3 client announced

PS3 client announced today. Today in Germany, Sony demoed their Folding@Home client for the PS3. For more details, check out our PS3 FAQ. Using the Cell processor of the PS3, we should be able to do more folding than what one could do on a PC. Also, since the PS3 has a powerful GPU, the PS3 client will offer real time visualization for the first time. Check out the PS3 FAQ for some early movies of that. The PS3 client and GPU client are together part of our new broader goals to push Folding@Home to the next stage, reaching calculations on the petaflop to 10 petaflop scale. We have some preliminary details on our Folding@Home Petaflop Initiative (FPI). We will release more details on all of this as the new software rolls out. We are beta testing the ATI GPU client software internally at the moment and will likely announce an open beta in four to five weeks (end of September).