Fibonacci, the International Open Source Magazine

Fibonacci, the International Open Source magazine released on 28th September,
2009. The feedback received from the community for the magazine is highly
encouraging for all of us.

In order to promote the message of open
source far and wide, we further wish to make the magazine reachable especially
to those who are not much aware about this global movement. The role played by
the FOSS community in making up of the magazine largely led to its success.

Please further help us attain our objective of spreading knowledge
unrestrained by forwarding this mail to anyone you believe needs to know about

The magazine may be downloaded from

Vol. 1 attracted a fabulous participation from all over the world. The magazine
features a total of 46 articles from 41
authors. Magazine committee consisted of 12 advisory board
members, 22 editorial board members, 18
organizing committee members and 25 volunteers. We are further
proud to announce a total contribution of 140 people from
13 countries and 46

Download Fibonacci Vol. 1 from

Thanks and
Udit Khandelwal
IIITM Gwalior,