Fibonacci – The Annual International Open Source Magazine

SF-FOSS, ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management
Gwalior, in joint association with SUN Microsystems and National
Resource Center for FOSS, Chennai proudly present their International
Open Source Magazine FIBONACCI.

For details please visit:

All accepted articles would be published without any registration fee.
The magazine may be treated as any other technical/non-technical
magazine and the articles of this magazine may be cited in the same way.

Here you can submit:

ARTICLES: Articles are invited from senior researchers, developers,
FOSS users, enterprises using or working for FOSS, students and
organizations working for FOSS.

FOSS BODY INFORMATION: Fibonacci aims in acting as a means of
collaboration between various Global FOSS departments, forums,
organizations, or other bodies working in any way towards FOSS. If you
belong to such organization or know about such organizations, please
let us know…

FOSS SOFTWARE INFORMATION: Fibonacci aims in spreading the know-how of
different types of FOSS Software, their users, features etc. We are
trying to spread analyze what type of users use what type of software.
If you use or develop any Software under FOSS, please let us know…

FOSS INFORMAL NOTES: Here you can post anything… really anything. If
you have interesting quotes, comments, incidents, views, etc. about
FOSS, please make a post here. Views on FOSS are also invited.
Anonymous posts are also allowed.

Last date for all submissions: 11th June, 2009

All submissions may be made at:

track or would like to join a track, please do so by mailing us at
along with the necessary details. If you want to suggest an editor or a
member of the technical committee, please mail us the relevant details
by 10th April, 2009.

The magazine aims at:

  • Spreading awareness about Open Sourcing among the young people
  • Providing technical knowledge to the students worldwide
  • To cast an international image of open source initiatives of the country
  • To cultivate interest of students towards Software Development through Open Sourcing
  • To induce ethics and philosophy of Open Source among people

The magazine would be released under Creative Commons “Attribution,
Share-alike, Non-commercial”. Share it, pass it, redistribute it and
feel the real charm of Open Source.

Rahul Kala