EuroRec 2006 Annual Conference Presentations on Electronic Health Record systems and Certification


This year’s conference focused on the Quality Labelling and Certification of the EHR, the importance of which is recognised by the European Commission in funding the Q-REC project to be managed by the Eurorec Institute. Not only in Europe has this been seen as key to the future but elsewhere in the world. An example of this is in the USA where their Government have funded Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) and Eurorec is liaising with them to make this a global initiative.

The EUROREC Institute (EuroRec) is an independent not-for-profit organisation, promoting in Europe the use of high quality Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs). One of its main missions is to support, as the European authorised certification body, EHRs certification development, testing and assessment by defining functional and other criteria.  EuroRec is organised as a permanent network of National ProRec centres and will provide service to industry (the developers and vendors), healthcare providers (the buyers), policy makers and patients.