Edifecs Launches Free CAQH CORE Phase I Rules Certification Testing Portal

Bellevue, WA. October 2, 2006 — Edifecs, Inc., the proven leader in B2B transaction-based interoperability, today announced that it has officially launched its free CAQH Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE) Phase I operating rules certification testing service.   Edifecs is the first vendor authorized to offer certification testing for the CAQH eligibility and benefits verification initiative. Edifecs will be responsible for testing whether or not healthcare organization IT systems are in compliance with the CORE Phase I rules.

To demonstrate its full support of the CAQH CORE initiative, Edifecs will provide this service at no cost to all healthcare organizations seeking CORE Phase I rules certification.  This testing service will be available through Edifecs Collabrus website at www.Collabrus.com.


CAQH’s CORE Steering Committee recently decided to leverage Edifecs services and products to provide comprehensive healthcare transaction certification testing services for rules based on data content, connectivity, response time, acknowledgements, companion guide, and system availability.

Edifecs has become the market leader in providing healthcare EDI solutions and a partner of choice for most leading integration vendors. With over 300 customers in healthcare, and with very active and extensive participation in healthcare industry groups, Edifecs is also the dominant vendor in the market for HIPAA and other healthcare transaction testing & certification. Edifecs will employ products like Edifecs® Ramp ManagerTM community enablement solution, Edifecs® SpecBuilderTM, and Edifecs® XEngineTM transaction validation software to verify CORE Phase I rules compliance.

CAQH launched CORE in January 2005 to promote interoperability and improve provider access to eligibility and benefits information before or at the time of service using the electronic system of their choice for any patient or health plan.  CORE is comprised of more than 85 industry stakeholders – health plans, providers, vendors, CMS and other government agencies, associations, regional entities, standard-setting organizations and banking industry experts.  They are collaborating on a set of operating rules, modeled on those used in the banking industry to facilitate ATM banking, to


  • Enhance interoperability between providers and payers
  • Streamline eligibility and benefits data transactions
  • Reduce the amount of time and resources providers spend on administrative functions — time better spent with patients.

CORE will address additional eligibility components and business transactions in Phase II (2006-2007) and later phases (2007-and beyond). 

“Edifecs is delighted to achieve this significant milestone with our partner, CAQH,” said Sunny Singh, CEO of Edifecs, Inc. “Supporting CORE is consistent with our mission of helping organizations achieve a dramatic return on investment by enabling interoperability among trading partners.  Edifecs free certification service is the right thing, at the right time for the healthcare community we serve.”

“Edifecs has been a committed partner in developing the Phase I certification testing functionality,” said Gwendolyn Lohse, CORE project director. “We greatly appreciate their enthusiastic support for our initiative.”

<h3>About CAQH</h3>

<p>CAQH, an alliance of the nation’s leading health plans and networks working to simplify healthcare administration, is a catalyst for industry collaboration on initiatives that simplify and streamline healthcare administration. CAQH solutions help promote quality interactions between plans, providers and other stakeholders, reduce costs and frustrations associated with healthcare administration, facilitate administrative healthcare information exchange and encourage administrative and clinical data integration. Visit <a href="http://www.caqh.org/" class="content-link" target="_blank">www.caqh.org</a> for more information.</p>

<h3>About Edifecs, Inc.</h3>

<p>Edifecs helps organizations achieve interoperability and dramatic return on investment by enabling, managing and deriving business value from standard electronic transactions within trading partner communities. </p>

<p>Edifecs’ products include the Edifecs® Healthcare Suite<sup class="small">TM</sup> — a set of powerful applications and technologies that reduce friction in the administrative, clinical, financial and pharmaceutical transaction workflows, both within and between healthcare enterprises. The Healthcare Suite includes business performance management applications that automate and manage the full lifecycle of transactions: from community enablement, to testing and data validation, real-time transaction monitoring, claim repair and reconciliation, facilitating direct connectivity and providing rich transaction analytics. </p>

<p>Edifecs provides general industry product solutions for guideline authoring, data validation and partner enablement to manage, analyze and enforce the quality of transactional data being exchanged with a trading partner community. </p>

<p>2006 marks 10 years of Edifecs’ leadership and expertise in providing innovative technology solutions to over 1600 customers worldwide. Edifecs has over 300 customers and partners in healthcare that include 16 Blue Plans, 35 Medicaid, State and Federal Agencies, along with partnership arrangements with all leading middleware stack vendors. Founded in 1996, Edifecs is headquartered in Bellevue, WA. Company website: <a href="http://www.edifecs.com" class="content-link">www.edifecs.com</a>. Contact: Kevin Pierce 425-452-0622, kevinp@edifecs.com.</p>