EclipseCon Healthcare Day March 8 2007

Eishay notes:

Health IT Architecture technologies like Master Patient Index, record locator services and services as defined by HSSP HSSP, OMG, IHE for providers, research and academic proposed architecture, Electronic Health Records for ePrescriptions, eLibratory, eRadiology tooling face meeting of the Eclipse OHF project.

EclipseCon is a conference by developers, for developers, and focuses on the Eclipse. It covers all aspects of the Eclipse Open Source to C, from UML tooling to data tooling, from embedded to the technical leaders come, participate and network to understanding and integration of the Eclipse technology. There the feather, technical demonstrations, tutorials, technical groups, and presentations.

Update: Two short talks by the Eclipse OHF Team:

Generating Web Services from Eclipse Plug-ins

Healthcare Development/Deployment Risk Mitigation Using Eclipse OHF