Eclipse OHF PIX and PDQ Plugins Betas Documentation Available

I have posted documentation for the recent beta release of PIX and PDQ plugins on the Eclipse wiki.  If you are interested, the documentation is here.

The primary enhancement of this beta-release is the addition of the Eclipse OHF HL7v2 message verification functionality. HL7v2 message verification relies on a two step process; a definition file and an XML conformance profile. The definition file comes from HL7 while the XML conformance profile is configurable to allow site specific limitations.

HL7v2 message verification is currently an incomplete implementation. Monitor Eclipse Bugzilla for the HL7v2 OHF component to determine when it will be advantageous to enable message verification.

Additional release fix and enhancement notes are in the completed documentation.

I greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Sondra Renly, MT