ebXML Messaging for Health Insurance

2006 InfoWorld 100 Awards: Health Care

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ebXML Messaging for Health
Project Lead: Oyvind Gjorven, Senior Advisor
Description: The National Insurance Scheme is the cornerstone of the Norwegian
welfare system. Two years ago, the Directorate of Labour and Welfare (formerly
the National Insurance Administration) initiated a project to replace the
EDI-based communications infrastructure it used to connect to its business
partners. One of the core open standards in the new architecture is the ebXML
Messaging OASIS Standard, ISO 15000-2. This International Standard provides
secure and reliable messaging of arbitrary payloads (EDIFACT and XML) and
supports advanced functionality in areas such as routing, monitoring, message
identification, and correlation. The ebXML message service provided by the NIA
was built using Xenos terminalONE, an end-to-end, standards-based transaction
gateway solution that expedites business transactions over the Internet and
across disparate platforms.