ebXML: Bringing SOA to small enterprises

1st November 2007, By CBR Staff Writer

At the recent Butler Group and OASIS conference on SOA standards
and their impact on the public sector, one speaker described the
Japanese government’s initiative to use SOA to boost the number of
small- and medium-sized enterprises that conduct direct B2B e-commerce.
This initiative may prove an example of good foresight, and could help
give Japanese small businesses an edge over foreign rivals.

…As part of the initiative, work has been done on extending ebXML to
support ‘pull’ messaging. In this variation, messages for a recipient
will be stored until the receiving organization issues requests to
retrieve them. In this way, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
that cannot justify the cost of running a full high-availability, 24/7
IT operation can create a far simpler IT infrastructure. Messages can
be downloaded asynchronously at a time to suit the recipient. This
extension to ebXML has now been approved by OASIS and formalized as
ebXML 3.0 in October 2007.