ebBP v2.0.3 packages has been approved as an OASIS Committee Specification

We are actively working within OASIS and with other interested user communities in Asia, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands to gain the implementation certifications to advance to OASIS Standard and hopefully to ISO to complete the ISO-15000 series (mentioned in OASIS Symposium last week).  We’d welcome your support in this regard.

We’ve consolidated a wealth of information relevant to our user communities at our public web site at: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ebxml-bp  v2.0.3 Packages and, if desired, individual schema files, see "Technical Work Produced by the Committee."

ebBP is also in the news:

  1. ebBP was featured in the SOA Business Session at the OASIS Symposium, May 2006, see "Expository Work Produced by the Committee."< /li>
  2. ebBP was featured at the OMG Think Tank on "Business Collaboration Using ebBP" (also posted at the location above). Thanks to our team member Sally St. Amand for providing interested users and BPM enthusiasts with more details on ebBP at this event.

Both presentations are available at the public web site provided. Also, check out web site:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • ebBP Overview
    • Process definitions for
      • CPPA negotiation
      • UBL or UBL Small Business Subset (SBS) v1.0 process definitions: Features modular definitions and use of new document reference function and also includes CPPA package
      • Dutch government criminal justice instances and use case document
      • Business signal examples
      • Knit wear Italian draft process definitions
    • Draft ebBP editor: User guide and update are to be released very soon.

Note, the UBL Small Business Subset v1.0 is now an OASIS Committee Specification and includes a set of ebBP v2.0.3 modular process definitions, called Universal Business Processes.

As we’ve said before (and will say again politely), our focus on user communities is paying off – one example being the interest in the UBL community – and we now have achieved Committee Specification. We’re interested in those that are developing their own process definitions and can show their successful use of ebBP. We encourage you to check out our public web site and keep abreast of our progress made thus far.  For those using or interested in using ebBP, please contact Dale Moberg and myself (particularly if you are an OASIS member!). Best regards.

    Dale Moberg, <dmoberg @ us.axway.com>
    Monica J. Martin, monica.martin @ sun.com
    and the ebBP team