Disability Education in Seminaries? Your Input Sought!

<ed.note>Over at the Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities web site I saw this:</ed.note>

How to tackle this situation is a question the subcommittee is now studying. Should there be a survey and assessment of current initiatives in seminaries? Would a series of cost-free summer institutes be helpful to provide training in state-of-the-art strategies for including issues related to pastoral and spiritual supports for people with disabilities in theological education and professional training? Would funding be available for such institutes? Would seminary professors appreciate and use disability-related modules in their courses if these were available? Do people in disability ministry need to do more to stimulate thought by presenting papers at professional conferences and submitting articles for national religious and educational journals? Here, too, the input of others is sought. Responses to the above questions may be sent to the CCPD office.

<ed.note>My response of course is to begin by hosting a wiki.</ed.note>